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Super Wedge for LX200 series This Wedge is so smooth that you can move Polaris around a 9mm reticule eye piece.

Web camera adapters Why not try digital Imaging with a web camera? All you require is a laptop and it only needs to be a basic one and you will achieve results immediately.

35mm, M42 Pentax thread-web camera adapters If you have mastered the web camera why not try it along with a 50mm lens and take some wide field shots of your favourite part of the sky.

Portable Stainless Steel Pillar An extremely strong and well made pillar for site use, can be made to suit any type of german equatorial (picture details EQ6hd owl's nest type.

Stainless steel Counter Weights High Quality replacement counter weights, go on spoil yourself.

Telescope mount plates Mounting Solutions for side by side systems and Guide scopes

3 Port Focuser Allows you to image and use a high power eye piece without disturbing the par focal eyepiece used to focus the camera.